Make Stardom a reality

Do you ever find yourself watching a reality TV show and think “Hey I could do that”? Well you’re right. You could do that, and HNE Castings is your vehicle to do so.

Hollywood North Entertainment is the industry’s leading producer of reality TV talent. We are your gateway to the top network producers & casting directors, be a part of Entertainment industry.

No agency has been responsible for more Reality TV & game show castings. No agency provides their clients with more opportunities.

Are you looking to be discovered? Are you looking for a chance at fame & fortune? Or are you simply looking for a great adventure? Whatever the case may be if you have the desire or passion to break into the television industry HNE will help you realize your dreams.

Make stardom a reality! Get started today!


“HNE provides their clients with opportunities that other agencies just cannot match. They are the Jedi Knights of the reality TV industry. I’ve loved working with Hollywood North.”
Howie Gordon: Star of CBS Big Brother 6 & 7.

Mark Burnett Productions: New prime-time pilot – the producers of Survivor, The Apprentice, and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, bring you BULLY BEAT DOWN!

Yeah we said it…Bullies!

Are you that person? The person with a big scary bark who likes to intimidate or perhaps the person who is always talking about how tough they are. If so we want to put you to the test and see how tough you really are…Getting scared?

Ha…maybe you are not so tough. If you have not chickened out yet and you think this is you then please e-mail us at with your picture and a brief description about why you think you would be a great fit for this show.

Article byThe Reporter Times